Friday, January 25, 2008

Sympathy post....

I just received pathology results back from my biopsy and need to have more of the skin excised off of the top of my foot. My mole is (or should I say was since i currently have a gaping hole where my mole used to be) a dysplastic blue nevis. It is not cancerous, but it is abnormal cell growth. These are mostly commonly found in people of asian descent. Go figure. Anyway, I need to go back on February 6th for another outpatient surgery. I may just have a nervous breakdown!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time flies when you're the satterpellatons!

January is almost gone! We've had a busy month, so busy that I am so behind on posting!

We started out the month with a combined business trip/vacation to NYC. I brought my mom and lex to sight see and spend some quality time together while I had a site visit at Mt. Sinai on the Upper East Side. Lex and my mom had a blast going to the central park zoo, the children's musuem of NYC, central park, and riding in taxis. Lex was the ultimate city kid and LOVED all the action and couldn't believe that no one ever goes to bed in NYC. When I was done with my day on Friday, we took a carriage ride through central park and lex had a blast. We did the ultimate toy store tour: FAO schwartz (where poor lex had performance anxiety on the Big Piano and started to sob when everyone watched her), the World of Disney (where lexo was able to meet Pooh and Piglet), Toys R Us in Times Square and finally the American Girl store, where Alexa became big sistuh (as lex says--which will be another post) to Miley.

We came home from NYC and celebrated Hav's birthday (Happy Birthday HAVALYNN!!!)

I had another business trip, but this time it was a local one to DC.. Since it was a Tuesday night, Bran and I were able to hit Kaz Sushi Bistro for restaurant week in downtown DC. We had a yummy sushi dinner with great wine and were finally able to celebrate Bran's new job.....

Which brings me to: Bran started his new job with Kadix Systems this past Tuesday and so far is very happy with the open environment there! YAY!

On other fronts, last Friday, I had two suspicious spots biopsied on my right foot and I practically hyperventilated throughout the entire procedure. Bran was there for moral support especially since my dermatologist found out that one mole on my foot was pigmented deeper than she had expected and wound up doing a punch biopsy that required stitches. UGH! Then, this weekend, I somehow took the bandage off of my foot in my sleep and pulled out a stitch! YUCK! Last night I was feeling better and decided to workout, and now my wound is infected! FUN TIMES! :) Lex has been a great doctor bringing me a new band aid every morning for my "sitches".

As most of you have noticed, Lexo definitely has her own way of pronouncing words: SOOL for school, sistuh for sister, and pommuh for palmer. Two weeks ago, I had lex evaluated at the children's speech therapy center of ashburn, and it was determined that Lex needs a little help with her speech. Lex was such a trooper sitting through 90 minutes of testing and was just so cute and smart. Anyway, she goes for an hour of speech therapy once a week and just adores her teacher, Miss Heather. Every morning she wakes up and asks: It is time for seech today?

Well, off to bed! HOpefully tomorrow I'll add pictures!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

3.95 Miles and Loved every minute of it!

This is the second sunday that Amy, TAG and I have run together and I cannot thank them enough for dragging me out there last week. I've worked out 4 times this week, including a 3.3 mile run last Sunday, and a 3 mile run with Amy on Thursday. Today's run was the farthest I've ever run and I think I could have kept going! It is just SO much easier doing this with my closest friends to chat about anything and everything! Let's keep it up!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Cards 2007

Thanks to Steph (, this year's christmas cards were beyond gorgeous!