Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun is where you make it


Must learn to speak slower and with less of a jersey accent while in Raleigh.
Jafra=Jennifer in the south

Buster and Antie

Yesterday, I saw lex sitting at the edge of the driveway saying--- Antie, be good, be nice... Stay here Antie. I went outside and learned that the ants are "her friends." she then showed me her friend, Buster. "Buster and Antie, stop wrestling."

I love my strange, animal
Loving child, even of this grosses
Me out!

Photo a day challenge

July 1- self portrait
Fun girls weekend, before and after!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spirit Stick Winner

Each week during Alexa's Girls on the Run training, a girl is chosen to receive the "Spirit Stick" for doing something special. Lex received the spirit stick for running with me on vacation and for pacing me.  I should say she kicked my tush--the little energizer bunny!

Get your motor running....

MG has wanted a motorcycle for as long as I have know him.  He made it happen this year and of course he wanted me to be apart of it.  I couldn't just have "any helmet." 

I had criteria:
1.  I didn't want: flowers, skulls, anything too flashy and NO colors.
2.  It had to be black and NOT girly 
3.  It had to match my jacket.

Love the one MG picked out for me for Mother's day! 

We went on our first joint ride together and in my adrenaline junky factor, I LOVED it.  MG stopped after 10 minutes of driving to make sure I was okay. I was MORE than okay---I wanted to keep going which we did. 2 hours later through Western Loudoun.  I was so relaxed that I seriously could have fallen asleep! Now, I have lessons scheduled for myself!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

We won't be living here anymore! ha!

This morning, while I was still half asleep and bed,  Lex showed up in my room wearing khaki shorts and a little dressy shirt...this is how our conversation went.

Mommy:  Lex, you're wearing that today? Are you going to be comfortable? Don't you have that thing, you know that thing after school?

Lex: Maaaa, my outfit is fine.  What thing?

Mom:  You know, the thing? you have the thing....running, you know.

Lex: MAAAA, girls on the run???

Mom: YES! That!

Lex: MAAAAAA It's Thursday. Girls on the Run is Wednesday!!! Ma, you better not make that kinda mistake at work (and then she makes the slashing your throat motion) or WE WON"T BE LIVING HERE ANYMORE!!!

Lexo chillaxing in the cart at Costco...with a gigantic can of tuna!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Put your money on the counter

One night while waiting at the bar for dinner, I wanted lex to go ask the hostess if we could have a specific table.  Knowing that she wouldn't go on her own, I knew I would need to offer a bribe.

J: Lex, I'll let you get a Sprite at dinner if you go ask the nice hostess if we can have that table.
A: Nope.
J:  I'll give you $2 dollars....
A: Put your money on the counter (said like a card shark!)

I put my $2 dollars on the counter. Lex looked at the money, smiled and went over to the hostess and requested the table I wanted, came back to us, and put the money in her wallet.