Saturday, March 31, 2012

On the Road again....

A couple of shots of our journey down to HHI for spring break. We've made a ritual to stop at On the Border and Lex loves the gigantic animals!  We also discovered this great diner (MG LOVES LOVES LOVES diners) in North Carolina.  After we stopped, I did a google and it's one of the top diners in the south! They had the BEST chicken tenders and ranch dressing! YUM YUM YUM

One of my goals!

I bought these super cute True Religion jeans in January and could barely get them up my thighs. Despite that, I had to buy them and made it a goal that I would fit into them before our spring break trip to Hilton Head.  Every week I tried them on and they inched closer and closer up.  The morning of our trip, I figured I'd try them on.....well, they fit! I wore them down in the car!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Martin Luther King

Lex and I were sitting on the bottom step of our stairs battling it out on Draw Something together, when all of a sudden she got very quiet and says: I feel bad for Martin Luther King.  I ask her why? She then tells me in such a somber little voice: well, Martin luther King was best friends with a white boy, and the white boy's dad said they couldn't be friends and Martin Luther didn't understand why and then he died.  Isn't that awful, Mommy?  

My child.  She has the biggest heart out of anyone I know. 

"When I make a deal, I don't break a deal"

Me: left brained (science, math, logic, facts). Lexo: right brained (singer, artist, imagination).  

Lex comes up with some of the best sayings and ways of getting her point across. 

Case in point:  This morning we she negotiated with me that if I let her wear her short shorts (despite the fact that it's 50 degrees out right now) she would wear her hair down.  I told her that I would be so upset if she came home from school and it was in a pony tail.  She replies matter of factly "when I make a deal, I don't break a deal."  Let's see if she keeps her deal with me today!

who can resist a row of naked mannequins!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Like mother like daughter...

Lex packed her own suitcase for HHI yesterday. Me, being me, went through what she packed.....Bathing suits-check.  Shorts-check.  7 pairs of undies-check.  SIX PAIRS OF PJs-check.  When I asked her why she packed so many jammies for a 7 day vacation she replied: Ma, you know I get sweaty. 

I'm all packed too, but not with 6 pairs of jammies :)  I've got Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Salty Dog, and my Sperry's all ready for uber preppy, HHI.  We're all dying to leave now!!!

"I need a Vacation"

Lexo and I ran to the store to buy a bathing suit and flips for her....Of course we had to try on a winter hat and pose.....
I guess when you're in front of a camera since in utero, posing comes very natural.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Yes we have become "those people"

Sunday, MG and I ran into Walmart to look for planters for the front porch, when lo and behold, what was sitting on the shelf in the garden center? BULLDOG!!! I knew I had to have him!  Dubin (Hailey's name if she was a boy bully and MG's mom's last name) is sitting proudly in our front flower bed, all 50 lbs of him!

Draw something!

Lex, MG and I are addicted to the app Draw Something.  The most fascinating thing for me, I seeing how differently Lex interprets and draws the words.  When you get to guess a word, you get to see how the person starts the drawing and it's usually completely opposite of what I would do.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bad junk in her trunk

 Lex and I were standing on line at Giant the other day when she exclaims: Ma, that's some BAD JUNK IN THE TRUNK! I busted out laughing when I looked at the celebrity celulite pictures on the magazine. Lex smacks my tush and goes "Good thing you've been going to the gym, your junk in your trunk looks good."  I love this kid.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The cure for everything

I've been wearing my bracelet that's stamped with the following quote:  The cure for everything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea. It's become my mantra for 2012 and it's inspired me for the past 10 weeks of changing my lifestyle.  Today, in spin, I really focused on how far I've come since Jan 1st and I am proud of myself.  

I love how I feel when I'm working out consistently: my confidence is up, my anxiety is down, I'm more productive, more relaxed, more emotionally pliable and seeing my muscles come in again doesn't hurt things either.  For me, it's more than what the scale says, (I'm down 11 lbs) but more about the mental adjustment overall.  I LOVE working out again.  Don't get me wrong, I've been a gym/lifting person since Ms. Benne's forced weight room workouts in track, but I definitely have my gym mojo back in full force and I think it's showing. I've had at least three trainers stop and talk or tease me about being intense or lifting heavy and it feels good.  

I wanted to get this feeling down so if I get in a rut or I get "too busy" to make a workout and that becomes a pattern (i.e. my entire M.O. for 2011), I can look pack at this post and remember how good it feels to be in shape.   

this has been the background on my phone since Jan 1, 2012

Mrs. Puffnstuff

MG's picture to me
Hailey at 2 swollen
MG sends me a text on Thursday night while I'm at the gym: Puppy's face is swollen. He calls the emergency vet and they tell him to give her 50 mg of Benadryl, while I'm racing home to see what's up with our baby.  That night, I sleep with her on the couch because she was so restless and was panting so hard.  I was having flashbacks of infant lexo screaming during her first week of life.  At 2 am Hails is getting puffier....and I know that a visit to the vet is going to happen....
Hail's at the vet, sitting on the scale

Hailey spends the day at the vet, getting IV steriods, some more benadryl and LOTS of attention.  When I pick her up, her swelling has gone done remarkably. I told the tech that I slept with her the night before because I was soooo paranoid that her swelling would affect her breathing and the tech replies:  You're a neurotic one, aren't you?  I would be too with a gorgeous puppy like that.   It was so sweet. Of course, Hailey was EATING up all the attention and treats she gets, plus she was loopy from being on so much benadryl.  She picked out a new toy and we headed home.... Where she immediately lounged on the kitchen floor.  A couple of minutes later I hear snoring and this is what I see: tongue hanging out, her foot on her new toy, and a passed out bulldog!!!! I think she was so happy to be home.

need to catch up on my missing sleep from the night before!
This morning she's almost back to her normal self apart from the 3 bites on her face. It looks like miss trouble maker had a run in with a bee or some other sort of stinging insect that caused her to have a reaction...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Case of the Missing Soft

Alexa LOVES to clean. She can spend hours organizing her room, putting things away, moving things around, and be completely content.  The problem that we seem to encounter is that once she is finished organizing,she enevitably does such a good job organizing and putting things away, that something is bound to be forgotten where she put it (i.e. Ms. Magoo loses a lot of things this way).

Case in point. Today was the annual 3rd grade Animal Fair at Sanders. The kids have been working on their projects for the past two months. Lex was fortunate enough to be able to report on the polar bear, her FAVORITEST animal in the entire world.  Last night, at approximately 8:30 pm, she remembers that she can bring Soft, her polar bear into school for animal fair.

Soft riding in Alexa's backpack on her bike

At approximately 8:45, we discover that Soft is MISSING! Alexa's tearing apart her room, going through bins, searching through drawers, her closet, the guest room, behind her chair. NO SOFT!!! It's now about 9:15, she's in full blown freak out mode, I'm in full blown freak out mode tearing apart the guest room, texting my mom, her dad, looking under mine and Michael's bed.  Lex even convinces MG to go into the basement with her (basements are scary to go alone after dark) with her to check there. No luck.

WHERE THE F IS SOFT?!?!  (background: I bought Soft on a business trip at Paper Source about three years ago and Lex LOVES him.) We finally convince her to go to bed and that we will see what we can do.

So this morning, she decides to bring Beary (brown bear) to Animal Fair because Beary has a cream belly and polar bears really do have black skin under their white fur. 

While I'm  hanging out with Lex at animal fair, my mom sends this text to me:

Text from GG
YAY!! GG saves the day! Soft was in the bottom of one of her drawstring bags,  hanging off the back of lex's bed.  WHEW!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mrs. Tooth Fairy

Alexa yanked out lost a tooth yesterday afterschool. It's a bittersweet time for me because I know wiggly teeth and gapped tooth smiles are going to be gone very soon.  I reminded her last night that we needed to leave the tooth out for the tooth fairy. Lex asked me if the tooth fairy was real and I turned it around and asked her {if she thought the tooth fairy was real?}. She paused and said yes, but was very confused because the older kids on the bus said santa is not real and she's SO confused.  When I told her I still believed in Santa, most definitely, and the tooth fairy, she got hard to work writing a letter to Mrs. Tooth fairy!

The tooth fairy went to work to write her back and leave her $5 and big a lipstick smack on her cheek.  (which grossed lex out in the morning because "She doesn't like kisses from strangers."

Tonight we're heading to Target so Lex can buy a HexBug with her money!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh boy....

Fun little Sunday playdate with Andrew. These two can play for hours and come up with so many adventures.  Lexo declared that she wants every weekend to be an Andrew weekend!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

my baby.....

If you would have told me that I would have a {BULLDOG} at some point in my life, I would have laughed at you.  Now that we've had Hailey for over a year, I've never been more crazy about a dog ever. 
 This little 45 lb ball of muscle has the most personality in a dog... She snorts, she toots, she cuddles and she LOVES LOVES LOVES people, especially her people. I joke that she's the doggy version of me and michael with her need to be petted, cuddled, ALL on her terms.  Hai-hai, we adore you!