Monday, June 30, 2008


Lex: Mommy, why are Brandon and Samuel allergic to cats?
Jen: Well, lex, their bodies don't like the fur on briggsie and it makes them sneeze.

Lex ponders this for a minute and then asks:

"Why aren't cats allergic to humans?"

Uncle Dan and Yellow

Tonight, Lex was getting ready for bed and I told her to find "yellow". (Yellow is lex's security blanket that my mom made for her when she was first born and goes everywhere with her). She starts digging in her armoire and tells me: I hid yellow so that Uncle Dan didn't blow his nose in him.

I couldn't stop giggling!

Uncle Dan---We had a fun weekend!! Come visit soon!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Last sunday, we were at the pool and wanted to go grab dinner right from the pool. We told lex she would need to go “commando” in her shorts since I didn’t pack underwear and her bathing suit was drenched.

Well, we’re heading to the pool now and she has a little bag packed. She just informed that she packed undies because she didn’t want to go “Fernando” again.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Big Daddy

Everyone who has been around the Satterpellaton's, knows how much Bran adores lex. The two of them have such a special and playful relationship and it truly makes my life so much happier and easier. Tonight, after I had tucked Lex into bed, I heard her sneak downstairs to Bran and say "happy fadder's day, Bran. Love you."

Thursday, June 12, 2008


The number of outfits Lex wore today not incuding her pajamas. Here's a couple of shots of two outfits that she put together. Alexa mixes and matches the strangest combinations and they all seem to work! Everyone assumes that it's my doing but there's no way I would mix and match the stripes with florals and polka dots like she does. I think Bran and I are going to have our hands full pretty soon!

Rock On Lexo Bean

Yesterday, I walked into my bedroom and found one of my moisterizing bliss gloves on the floor in this position. The "rock on" Guitar Hero bandit struck again.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's a.....

New Dove White Sony Vaio Laptop...

After countless debates about what our next home computer would be (I wanted mac, bran wanted a sony), we agreed on Sony Vaio lap top in white :)

Love my new computer! It's sooo cute and so organized :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Farmer has arrived.

We've signed up with a local Farm (Great Country Farms) to get a delivery of fresh produce once a week. Last week was the first week that he farmer arrived and Lex was so excited to see what the farmer brought. Our first delivery: kale (LOTS of kale---not sure if we have ever eaten Kale, but Amy sent us some recipes!), very yummy asparagus, a pint of super sweet strawberries, a little basel plant and some green onions. I wonder what the farmer will be bringing us this week!
Here's a picture of Bran and I torturing lex by having her eat one "stalk" of asparagus...

Puddles! and Tornados!

Wednesday, a tornado like storm blew into the Northern VA area. The power was out everywhere and there was a tornado warning in our area. Lex's school was without power and the kids had to go into the bathroom in the dark and cover their heads. I couldn't get to school fast enough to pick up lex because i kept imagining how scared she must have been sitting in the dark. When I got to school all of the kids were in their classroom, listening to a story. Alexa's teacher, Ms. Nezha, told me that lex was more worried about "mommy" than anyone else. When we got into the car, I asked lex how she did. She told me how the 'lectricity went out and that Olivia was scared and crying. So Lex pretended she was 6 so she could protect Olivia and not be scared!

When we got home, we took a little walk and the storm clouds came rolling through again!

GWU Class of 2008 graduate!

After 4 long, long, long years and countless papers written at the Ashburn Library, I finally graduated from GWU Med school with a Masters in Health Sciences! What a relief! I completed my entire program online which had its benefits (ie being to travel for work and still complete assignments) but also required me to be ultra discliplined with my time. Beth, Justin, and Jen came for the weekend and everyone had a great time, including Lexo who LOVES Uncle Justin!

Catching Up...

The past two months have been whirlwind of activity for us in the Satterpellaton household. I've been traveling like crazy for work (Spain, Missouri, Boca Raton, Orlando) and Bran and I were able to take a little trip to NYC last weekend. On top of Lex's social calendar, I don't know whether we're coming or going these days!

In an attempt to catch up, I'm going to post some of our highlights from the past month.

Lex and I ran a 5k and 1k together in April...Lex LOVED it and can't wait to run another race. I was so proud of my little runner girl!