Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheerleaders=tv watching

Alexa has wanted to be a doctor for sick kids for as long as I can remember. Yesterday she declares to me that she has changed her mind.

Alexa: I don't wanna be a doctor for sick kids. It's too hard. I need to go to school, come home, brush my teeth and go to bed. I wanna be a cheerleader so then I can get up and be a cheerleader in the morning, come home, watch tv, brush my teeth, cuddle yellow, and go to bed.

Bran joked that she didn't inherit my psycho overachiever style :)

Wildwood Crest--2nd annual satterpellaton vacation to the Jersey shore

Highlights of the week:
1. Lobsters for dinner at Schellengers
2. Fluffernutter sundaes at Duffers
3. I was able to read 2 magazines and 4 books
4. building the ultimate sand castle
5. Bran flew our lady bug kite
6. Lex was the social butterfly at our pool
7. Lex eating pasta with butter at EVERY meal!
8. Going shopping in Cape May
9. Catching up with Uncle George after 5 long years!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Visiting the Satterwhites

We started out our vacation by visiting with Miss Beth, Poppa Bear, Uncle Justin and Jenn and had a great time!

We swam in Poppa Bear's pool and had so much fun! Lex loves Uncle Justin :)

We headed out to dinner, and then decided (well, I made everyone :) ) to take a walk to the park where we could see Brandon's Eagle Scout project he made when he was 17. Bran and John built picnic tables for the park! Here's the gang sitting on Bran's table and Lex found the penny that John and Bran put into the cement!
Brandon's boy scout lodge is right next to park and we were able to go inside! Bran's troop has been in existence since the 40's! Bran and lex sat on "honey bear" outside the lodge...Brandon and Justin are both Eagle scouts!

This is the view of the mountains from Bran's lodge! It is so pretty!

I wear my the pool

I couldn't have planned this picture any better! I'm in the left lens and Lex is jumping into the pool in the right!
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At the beach.....

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fruit Loop

This was up Lex's nose for a day. Yes, a red fruit loop. I me, I know. So yesterday at naptime, she woke up crying complaining that her nose hurt and that something was in it. Her teacher made her blow it extra hard and out came a part of a red fruit loop. When I asked her about it later on that night, my nonchalant child told me:
Mommy, I had a piece of cereal, you know, like a fruit loop in my nose from Daddy's house. When I asked her how it got in her nose, she told me, "it was a piece of cereal, not sure mommy."

Oh boy.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The most exciting thing EVER!

We have a "wiggly tooth." After months of asking, "Mommy, when will I have a wiggly tooth,like Dasha?" Lex has one. She discovered her wiggly tooth this morning during breakfast and was over the moon excited. She called Brandon, GG, and her Dad and ran into school to tell her teacher and show all her friends. I don't know who's going to be more excited for the tooth fairy: Lex or Me!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A guest post from Uncle Dan.....

Add this to Lexo's Blog:

On monday Mommy was running late so my favorite person & uncle, Uncle Dan, was going to drive me to daycare. We spent 30 minutes looking for Lex's "water-park shoes" so she could go in the water-park when she got to school. (Water-parks in school?!) After looking everywhere in vain, Jen said to go to Target & just buy another pair. I guess when Jen was on the phone with Lexo, she told her to remind me to turn off my airbag in my truck.

So fast forward an hour later, by this time I've been asked 500 times "Are we going to Target?" Yes Lexo, we are, geeze you nag more than your momma!

So we load all my junk in my truck so I can head home & we load Lexo & her car seat too. I don't even get in the truck & Lex asks "did you turn off the airbag?" Yes Lex I did. "What would it do?" After a lengthy discussion about airbags, it was clear that the Lexo-bean was scared of the thought of a deployed airbag so I quickly change the subject to something everyone can laugh at... Brandon!

"Hey Lex..."
"Yes Uncle Dan"
"I think Brandon is pregnant, did you see his belly?"
"You're silly Uncle Dan."
"No, I really think he's pregnant Lex."
"Uncle Dan. No, he's just fat."

Hooo I nearly peed myself!!