Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beautiful Belle

Lex was so excited this morning to do her hair in loose curls and wear red lipstick like Belle! When I was done putting her "make up" on, she looked in the mirror and said "It doesn't look like me! I'm Belle!"
Happy Halloween Big Girl!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

treats for school!

Last night, Lex, Bran and I made chocolate treats for her Halloween Party at school tomorrow!
We dipped pretzel rods in melted chocolate and coated them in halloween sprinkles!


Brandon and my bestest friends had a surprise party for my 33rd birthday on Saturday at the Melting Pot! What a FUN, FUN, FUN night! You guys are the greatest!!!

Great conversation was had, lots of food was eaten and drinks drank (or dranken!)

Alexa Gwen Photographer

Lex is a pro using my Canon Rebel digital camera! Here's some shots of her handiwork!

The Stamper....

Sunday, lex stamped her cheeks with a tiger stamped, put on her Mickey hat, and proceded to sign Christmas carols in the guest room! We're never bored in the Satterpellaton House!

why I'm marrying bran....

Or should i say, "why bran's marrying me?"

Pumpkin Carving at Andrew's House

Last Wednesday, Oct. 24th, Andrew hosted a pumpkin carving party at his house! The kids were happy carving the pumpkins for about 5 minutes and then the parents took over!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kutztown Family Weekend and Roadside America

Last weekend, the Satterpellaton's ventured up to Pennsylvania to visit Miss Beth and Poppa Bear and to go to Justin's (brandon's little brother) Family Weekend at Kutztown University. We were SOOO excited to visit J's campus and hang out in his apartment where Lexo watched Hannah Montana and I had fun writing all over Justin's dry erase board on his door! Remember those from school? SO MUCH FUN! :)

We walked around campus, took pictures in front of Avalanche the Bear, and hit the bookstore. We then had dinner at the AWESOME Kutztown Tavern or as I like to call it "The Pretzel Place." This restaurant is a microbrewery and has SUCH good food including homemade pretzels for appetizers!!! YUM YUM

On Sunday, we woke up and Brandon was determined to take Lex to Roadside America..

Roadside America is a HUGE miniature train display that has buttons on the perimeter of the display to operate things inside of the display. It's about 20 minutes from Beth and John's and Beth told us that she went there for her 1st grade class trip!! FUNNY! Lex LOVED it. At one point during our visit, they turn down the lights inside to mimic the sun setting and night time and lex whispered to me: Mommy, it's beautiful!

After our visit to Roadside America, Brandon wanted to take Lex to Cabela's a humongous sporting goods store that has stuffed animals inside. We took her to the "jungle themed display" where lex asked very seriously, "Why is that tiger eating that deer's neck?" Oh boy!

We went back to Beth and John's and visited the park where Brandon built picnic tables with his dad for his Eagle Scout project! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me to document Bran's good deed!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Alexa Gwen---Super Smeller

They Might be Giants has a song called "John Lee-Super Taster"

Nothing tastes the same (nothing tastes the same)
To a Supertaster (Supertaster)
When he tastes a pear (tastes a pear)
It's like a hundred pears (it's like a million pears)
He's got superpowers (superpowers)
He is a Supertaster (Supertaster)

Alexa, however, is a SUPER SMELLER. Amy saw first hand just how "smell sensitive" Lex is when we were looking at the turkey's at cox farms:
In the morning, if I even breathe within 5 feet of her after drinking coffee, she'll freak out covering her nose saying "You have stinky coffee breath".
This is the same kid that loves to smell candles (not burning of course!) and loves perfume.

This morning, when I was saying good bye to her at creme, instead of giving me a kiss, she says: Lemme smell your tummy! Mommy, you smell good!

Cute Little Butt

Every morning sometime between 4 am - 5am, Brandon and I get a visitor in our bed. Lex doesn't cry or even say anything, just climbs into bed with us. Sometimes, she's next to me and other times she's in the middle of bed. I don't even wake up!!! Lex will then stay asleep while Brandon gets ready for work and then 45 minutes later, when I start getting ready for work...

This morning was no different, except, when I got out of the shower and went into my bedroom, Lex mooned me and said: I have a cute, little butt!!!
Which then turned into:

Does Samuel have a cute little butt? Does Andrew? Does Olivia? Mommy, you have a cute little butt....

What a nice ego boost :)


Tonight before bed, Lex chose to read Madeline. For those of you unfamiliar, Madeline gets her appendix out which prompted an entire conversation..
J-Mommy doesn't have her appendix. That's why I have this scar.
Lex-I have my appendix right?
J- yes, yes you do Lex
Lex--Brandon has his appendix and that's why he has a big tummy.
Then, the conversation led to a discussion about scabs.
Lex: I don't have any scabs right now.
J: No, Lex you don't.
Lex: Sometimes, I have they hurt when they come off? How do they come off? Wait I know, they peel off..Sometimes, they bleed, Mommy..Sometimes, when I get a little piece of finger nail and it won't come off my finger, I bite it... and I eat the fingernail.
J: Lex that's gross
Lex: I think it's funny!

Happy Birthday Jessie

Monday night, we celebrated Jessie's 10th birthday before he heads back to Uncle dan's house...We had party hats, sang happy birthday, and even had cupcakes with doggie bones :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2nd Annual Cox Farm Adventures

We had our second annual Satterpellaton adventure to Cox Farms this past Saturday...We were very happy to have Amy and Andrew come with us and everyone had a great time!

We took SOOO many pictures!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

some recent Lex-isms

Mommy, what is that smell? It's disgusssding. (brandon was steaming broccoli)...

Mommy, when I'm big..I'm going to drive you car and you can can sit next to me. We're gonna go to WalMart and you'll tell me how to get there. Then we can buy kitty litter.

Mommy, Brandon bought the wrong dog. We should send Palmer back to Texas (said when Palmer grabbed the back of her skirt, one too many times!).


I also spent 5 hours in the library yesterday writing a paper and starting the research to do my Masters proposal...this binder is slowly becoming my second child...

Today, I just couldn't do research and finished up my vacation mini-book and made Lex this magic wand for her room...

Catching up!

So, I've been a blogger slacker lately, but for good reason...This past week, I was in Hartford, CT for business for four days. It was work and I TOTALLY went off my diet eating out, but I'm slowly getting back on track. Hartford is currently having their annual Cow Parade ( and of course, I had to take some pictures!

Last weekend, Brandon and I attended Michelle and Ryan's wedding! We had a great time catching up with all of my friends from IOMAI and guess who caught the garter.....
This past Friday was picture day for Lex and she agreed to finally wear this dress I bought her at the shore this summer....BUT the stipulation was that she would wear her hello kitty sneakers and hello kitty undies.

Whenever I travel, Lex always gets presents....this time, I returned home with a Webkins monkey, who Lex immediately named "Reiky". Alexa loves the picture of us in Mexico with the monkey on my head and wanted one of her own!