Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Newest Members of our Family....

When we were in Chinatown this weekend, I bought Lex two turtles. Trace-Ann, Amy and I named them Chelsea and Houston (after parts of the lower manhattan). I was so excited to get them home to Lex and she LOVED them; however, she quickly renamed them "Frank and Rihanna". No lie.

She wanted to take Frank and Rihanna for a walk in her carriage and has carried them all over the house. They MUST sleep in her room :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Short hair!

Lex had 5 inches cut off her hair on Monday at Eclips Kids. No worries about her curls, her stylist straightened her hair for her. : )

baby alexa....

Soo, after looking for the picture for my post below, I totally got sucked into looking at baby pictures of Lexie. It's hard to remember her being so small! It seems like forever on one hand and on another, it seems like yesterday! I can still remember how she smelled and looked napping in her crib. Plus, her cheeks are really thinning out now! Ahh, my schmoo. I love her so.


Weight Loss = LA WeightLoss.

It's official. I'm on a diet! I finally am one pound short of the weight I was on the day that I gave BIRTH to Alexa. I'm a big fan of this diet as I lost 30 lbs on on it in 2000 and I know I can do it again! I also kept the weight off after having lex! It also helps for me in that I need to check into the center at least 2x per week as I feel guilty when I cheat.

So needless to say, I'm being realistic and want to lose 25 lbs, which if all goes according to plan, should happen by the first of next year. I'm upping my workouts and am running in the mornings on the treadmill at home and going to the gym in the afternoon. My goal is an hour of exercise everyday and we'll do things to make it fun.

Wish me luck!'s a picture of Lexo and I when she was 3 months old! How can I be that THIN after having her! I remember at that time thinking, I need to lose 10 lbs!


This morning Lex was checking herself out up close in the mirror and asks me:

Mom, am I getting a pimple?

Previews of what's to come in 7 years!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Satterwhite Family Reunion

This weekend we headed up to Pennsylvania for the annual Satterwhite Reunion. Alexa had a great time playing with Alexis and Lexis. Who would have thought that there would be a party with THREE LEXIE'S!!! Lex and Miss Beth (Lex told Miss Beth, "Miss Beth, you don't have any boogies in your nose today).
(Alexa, Lexis, and Alexis)

On Saturday night, we had dinner with Bran's brother, Justin, at school (Kutztown University). Alexa ADORES Justin. We have countless conversations at home about him and his girlfriend, Missy (hint hint, you guys...come visit soon!) Justin is going to be an elementary school teacher!

Go Mets!

Thanks to Miss Steph and Mr. Marc, Alexa was able to cheer along with Brandon at the Mets/Nats game at RFK. The seats were absolutely amazing and by the end of the night, I had Alexa convinced that David Wright (see this gorgeous picture of him) was my boyfriend. She even started cheering "Go David" and wanted to hug him after the end of the game. Unfortunately, that didn't happen :) Even Mimi had her "Go Mets" hat on...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy birthday Uncle Ned!

Uncle Ned, Aunt Shell and Me at Nedley's birthday bash in Fells Point :)

Tubing and "Cabities"

This past weekend, Bran and I were invited to go tubing with some of Bran's friends. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect and fun day. We had two coolers full of beers, great weather, the warm Potomac and many laughs...

Then....Monday, Alexa had to have one "cabity" fixed at the dentist. I could not have been more proud of my tough little trooper....Lex was so brave and didn't even flinch when the pediatric dentist put sleepy jelly on her gums and then proceeded to put her tooth to sleep. The dentist told me that she was the best 4 year old he has ever seen :)

After we left the dentist, lex asked me: Do I still have my tonsils?

Friday, August 10, 2007

It's Friday and I'm bored...

Since it's Friday and my brain has officially shut down, I'm going to post some random pictures that are on my laptop...

I found Lex sleeping in the foyer one day when she was not feeling well.
Lex's bear parade.....
Lex and Bran at the Leesburg Christmas Parade--December 2006.
Jen and Bran in Old Town Sept 2006----this was our third date!!
I love Brandon's eyes!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Little Miss Tattoo

Here are some pictures of my tattoo'ed child from this evening. Alexa wanted all of her Lightening McQueen tattoos on and since she will be with her dad all weekend, I thought, why not : ) Brandon was also lucky enough to get a "Pit Crew" tattoo on his foot.

I'm also happy to say that my Pottery Barn coffee table has finally arrived after being on backorder for the past three months! I love it!

32 Things To do Before I turn 33

Here is my list of hopefully attainable goals to reach by Halloween. Let's hope I meet at least 75% of them!

1. Lose at least 15 lbs (that’s less than 2 lbs per week).
2. Run in another 5K
3. Stop going out to eat as much
4. Spend more time in the gym
5. Go pumpkin picking
6. go for a hike in the fall
7. Spend less time online
8. Eat more fruit and veggies (yummy smoothies!)
9. Spend more time with friends
10. spend more time teaching lex her letters/numbers/writing
11. RELAX more
12. Take more trips out of Ashburn (ie Charlottesville, Annapolis)
13. spend more time reading
14. learn how to shade things in photoshop
15. Be nicer to the people I love
16. Get the carpets cleaned
17. Frame more pictures
18. Organize pictures from 2007
19. Make save the dates for the wedding
20. book a hotel for the wedding
21. FIND a wedding dress! AH!
22. Get my passport updated
23. Get all bills/documents in the correct name
24. Get some grass to grow in the backyard
25. Get the murano detailed.
26. Get a facial
27. Take Alexa horseback riding
28. Buy some new clothes
29. Follow my budget!
30. Practice slowing down
31. take better care of my skin
32. spend less money at Target

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This weekend....

For some reason, I am SO excited for this weekend.

1. Lex will be with her dad from Thursday night until Sunday evening. I do have to admit, as much as I miss her when she's away, it truly is a nice break for Bran and I. We can do grown up things, go for coffee at Starbucks and chat, lay in bed, and watch a movie with cursing :)

2. Bran and I are going to Tiffany's to look for his ring and then head over to Bailey Banks and Biddle to look for my TWO wedding bands. Yep, you read that correctly. Since my wedding band that matches my engagement ring is so simple (thin band of diamonds), I want one for the top of my ring and one for the bottom. Poor Bran, doesn't get off easy, does he.

3. We are test driving cars for me. I want a sedan...Bran is insisting on another SUV. I'm trying to convince him to sell his Acura and take over my Murano so that I can get another car, but no luck on that front.

4. We have specifically made no plans as we have been away or have had MULTIPLE committments every weekend since summer started.

5. This is MY first weekend without having to write a paper for school (for those following along at home---Aced both of my classes!)and I have until September 4th, to relax and I plan on doing just that : )

Monday, August 6, 2007

What my Eyeball smells like

This was our bedtime conversation tonight after reading:

Lex: Mommy, I wanna smell your eyeball.

Jen: okay...

Lex taking a big sniff...."Mommy, your eyeball smells like vanilla."

Ballet this week
Alexa takes ballet lessons at Creme every Wednesday and last week, when I went to pick up Lex, her teacher told me that they didn't have ballet that day. I asked Lex on the way home why didn't they have ballet....

Alexa's reply: Ballet was tonsilled today (tonsilled=canceled).