Thursday, August 13, 2009

101 Things about me Circa 2006...funny.

1. have an adorable three year old daughter, Alexa Gwen
2. who’s named after a Billy Joel song (and I guess in fact, his daughter)
3. middle name is from a movie with Billy Crystal and Catherine Zeta Jones
4. I’m divorced
5. which has been the toughest thing to go through, yet taught me I can get through anything
6. I was born on Halloween
7. my parents told me they found me in a pumpkin patch
8. have a 9 year old black cat, Briggs
9. who was named after a patient of mine at the NIH
10. I’ve had 5 cars in the past 10 years
11. I love Louis Vuitton Bags and want another one
12. Addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper
13. Love peanut butter twirl ice cream
14. I was shoe size 6.5, but after having Alexa, I’m now a 7
15. I have no idea what my natural hair color
16. I’ve lived in 5 cities in my entire life
17. I don’t have my appendix
18. I don’t have any cavities
19. I have an unusually large optic nerve
20. I have self-diagnosed OCD
21. If I could wear my Big Star jeans, everyday, I would
22. I love my nikes
23. and my IPOD
24. I own my own home
25. My current job is only my third “real” job
26. I got a promotion and a big raise on maternity leave
27. I have no tattoos, but want one (on my lower back)
28. I have my belly button pierced and refuse to EVER take it out
29. Body piercing fascinates me
30. I love to be tan
31. and will get a fake tan if necessary
32. with no tan lines
33. I get my nails done every two weeks
34. and only in a French manicure
35. I love to be in water
36. sunset at the beach is my favorite place to be
37. I love wearing flip-flops and jeans w/ polished toenails
38. I never water my houseplants
39. or my plants in the yard for that matter.
40. I'm a self-declared foodie and would eat out every day for every meal if it were financially possible
41. I drink my coffee with 3 equals and half and half
42. I only started drinking coffee a year ago
43. Someday I will move to the beach
44. If I could choose where I will die, it will be sitting in my beach chair watching the waves, with my soulmate
45. My favorite beer is corona
46. My favorite drink is absolute citron and sprite
47. I love breakfast food at all times of the day
48. I like the way my glasses make me look a little nerdy
49. I talk way too much on my cell phone
50. I text when I drive
51. I’ve only had one speeding ticket
52. I’m the oldest child and act like it
53. I want to buy a BMW
54. The first thing I do when I check into a hotel, is look at the room service menu
55. I Tivo shows and NEVER watch them
56. I rarely watch tv
57. I am addicted to eBay
58. I don't bother remembering phone numbers since I have a cell
59. I graduated second in my high school class
60. and Magna cumme laude undergrad
61. I have a BS in Psychology and Biology
62. I’m getting my masters from GWU in Health Science
63. I am a slight overachiever
64. Medical shows fascinate me
65. Purses and mac make up are my biggest indulgence
66. I love bacon on sandwiches and salads
67. I will only eat Hellman’s mayonnaise
68. My favorite candy is Godiva Milk chocolate
69. I don’t smoke
70. I rent movies and never watch them
71. and usually return them late
72. If I do watch a movie, I usually fall asleep within in the first 30 mins
73. I love my laptop
74. I'm on the computer more then I would like to admit
75. I hate to cook
76. I fantasize about plastic surgery and want a bunch of work done
77. I love to workout but don’t have enough time to do it enough
78. I love to drive on a spring day with the windows down
79. I want a dog but not the responsibility
80. My favorite sandwich is ham, salami and provolone on Italian bread
81. I LOVE guacamole and queso
82. I’ve been to 11 foreign countries
83. I want to go back to Italy, especially the Trevi Fountain
84. I don’t like people who are rude
85. I want more kids and will adopt in the next 5 years if necessary
86. Twins run in my family
87. as does breast cancer
88. My first car was a black mercury Capri
89. I love to travel and
90. do it way too often for business
91. and not enough for pleasure
92. I love doing anything creative
93. and have multiple projects going on at once
94. I read people magazine religiously
95. and check every day
96. my favorite movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation
97. I love the movie Road Trip
98. George Clooney is number one on my list
99. Jude Law is a very close second
100. I love pictures—especially taking them
101. and have over three thousand pictures of my favorite subject: Lexo