Thursday, April 19, 2012

We won't be living here anymore! ha!

This morning, while I was still half asleep and bed,  Lex showed up in my room wearing khaki shorts and a little dressy shirt...this is how our conversation went.

Mommy:  Lex, you're wearing that today? Are you going to be comfortable? Don't you have that thing, you know that thing after school?

Lex: Maaaa, my outfit is fine.  What thing?

Mom:  You know, the thing? you have the thing....running, you know.

Lex: MAAAA, girls on the run???

Mom: YES! That!

Lex: MAAAAAA It's Thursday. Girls on the Run is Wednesday!!! Ma, you better not make that kinda mistake at work (and then she makes the slashing your throat motion) or WE WON"T BE LIVING HERE ANYMORE!!!

Lexo chillaxing in the cart at Costco...with a gigantic can of tuna!

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